As part of the Mekong Connections Program, Pact World (Thailand) organized the Mekong Connections Learning Forum at The Tide Resort, on August 22nd-25th, 2022.

The program has the participation of Pact Thailand leaders and the Head of the Mekong Division of the US Department of State. Entities funded by the Mekong Connections Program have invited two representatives to share information, as well as discuss challenges to learn lessons from each other’s experiences.


Organizations from Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia respectively introduced projects related to:

  • Education for climate change adaptation in the community
  • Preserving women’s livelihoods associated with the Mekong River
  • “Community science” in water resource management,…



MEF displayed and reported preliminary results of the ongoing WV Tracker project. The project quickly received attention from attendees and many opinions surrounding WV Tracker. The end program with a field trip to the Wildlife Rescue Centre at Thailand National Park.

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