On July 10, 2021, representatives of Girl Rising Vietnam, Ms. Tran Thi Ngoc Tran, and Ms. Nguyen Ngoc My Linh had a training session with MEF volunteers in charge of teaching and inspiring work. inspire women and children in the Mekong Delta localities through the Zoom meeting platform.

The training session takes place in 2 sessions: the morning session and the afternoon session. After the introduction to the program, the training session was carried out with the following contents:
– Discover the power of dreams
– Learn about children’s rights, human rights, and gender-equal opportunities
– Identify your own strengths
– Support systems and role models in achieving goals
– Build inner courage and the path to personal strength,…



The program takes place openly in the spirit of respect for each other’s viewpoints with various activities from individual work to teamwork. The training series is effectively conveyed through image channels, videos, and game activities such as group drawing, and answering objective multiple-choice questions,…The training session came to an agreement on the contents to be implemented locally, building a confident and strong attitude in both knowledge and skills for MEF volunteers.

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