On August 31, 2021, the Citizen Science Volunteer Corps (CSVC) closed with final sessions with the topics “Learning about Rights and Gender” and “The Power of Dreams”.

Let’s look back at the journey that has gone by with three discussions, dozens of implemented activities, and hundreds of presence of students and many other individuals. The CSVC Project has partly conveyed messages about human rights, stories of gender equality, self-awareness skills, and the way to find the motivation to build and achieve dreams for a young community that is shouldering the mission of creating a society with no more injustice, no more discrimination, and no more prejudice.



Despite the duration of the online exchange sessions, the organizers and the team of CSVC Project volunteers greatly acknowledge your active participation and proactive sharing spirit with pupils, students, teachers, and colleagues from many different agencies and fields.
The project hopes to bring together inspiration to promote activities towards the goal of gender equality, explore our own potential, and bring more value to women in particular and the community in general.

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